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6 Common Laundry Problems and Solutions
People today are pretty busy than ever. With hardly enough time on hand.
1. The Story of the mystery holes
2. Removal of Ink Stains both from your clothes and washing machines
3. Removal of Dye Transfer Stains From Other Clothes
4. The Shrunken Garment affair
5. “Yellow Yellow” - The Dirty Fellow
6. The Sensible Iron Man
Professional Laundry Service - The Ultimate Solution

People today are pretty busy than ever. With hardly enough time on hand, the last thing people want to think about is their pile of dirty Laundry. However, it does not leave many choices to them than to clean the used, dirty lot. Clean clothes are the fundamental essence of life. Besides looking good and presentable in public, you must maintain self-hygiene and prevent the bacteria's or virus from settling on your system.

But when you get into washing clothes all by yourself, a Laundry mishap is a chance. It may happen due to the application of wrong detergent or chemicals, equipment issues, method mistake and many more. All you require is the essential awareness about Common laundry problems and solutions to manage your Laundry with competence. The idea is to correct and minimize the laundry errors and fix them then and there.

1. The Story of the mystery holes

A hole that appears in your clothes after wash laundry can only be solved by working through a process of elimination. Understanding the probable causes ( which are as follows) can help you to resolve the issue.

  • Too much usage of chlorine bleach.

  • High spin cycle machine speed.

  • Overloading the washing machine ( more than capacity)

  • Wrong alignment of the dryer drum of your washing machine

  • Avoid abrasive surfaces during daily use

The best way to prevent holes in clothes during the washing is to do a better job of sorting out the clothes before you wash them. Never try to wash delicate clothes with rugged jeans having zippers and studs. Garments with Lace and silky fabrics can snag on zippers and embellishments like beads, resulting in frictions that causing holes. The bottom line is that you never mix your clothes when placing the load on the machine.

2. Removal of Ink Stains both from your clothes and washing machines

It is one of the common mistakes you make by oversight that causes a nightmare later. Inspect all your clothes before you put them on the machines. Most of the ink stains ( leaked from the pen) We can remove them by treating them properly before you toss the clothes in the washer. Most Ink stains are from permanent markers, ball-point pens, and washable markers.

Once you are through with the inspection and satisfied, you must know how to clean ink from the washer and dryer as well. Ink stains from permanent markers, Ink stains from ball-point pens, and washable markers often can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

For the washer or dryer drum ( Machine), use isopropyl alcohol that you use to remove any ink remaining in your washing machine. You can use any old white towel or sponge dampened with the alcohol to remove the washer's ink.

So be vigilant at every stage of wash dry fold and keep your clothes free from ink stains.

3. Removal of Dye Transfer Stains From Other Clothes

Some clothing dyes may not be stable and bleed onto other clothes. You must have noticed this when you get your new blue jeans and wash them the first time with an undergarment that turns blue. First of all, to avoid the dye transfer problem, identify the culprit garment and remove it from the machine. It is nothing but the fundamental principle of Laundry that is "sorting of the clothes and not to mix them". If the dye transfer already has taken place, you may follow the below steps as firefighting.

  • If the dye transfer is too much, soak the victim garment in water

for 8 hours before the cleaning.

  • You may use non-chlorine bleach for coloured and synthetic garment

while rewashing.

  • However, please apply only oxygen-based bleach for cotton and

white garments.

4. The Shrunken Garment affair

It is one of the common problems faced by Laundry that leaves you disappointed. To avoid mishaps, one must be a good reader. Every branded piece of the garment comes with standard labels. And you must read them carefully before the wash and get essential insights on how to wash. Avoid using hot water and traditional hanging method ( towards drying) that might result in overstretching.

However, in case the damages already done by mistake ( say a shrunken sweater ), soak it for about an hour in fresh cold water and remove it without rinsing. Place the sweater in a new dry towel and allow the excess moisture to drain by itself. Once through, place it on a board and pin it all over the edge and allow it to dry naturally. It may take a day or more, but you would get back the beloved beautiful sweater back in its original shape. Common laundry problems and solutions are all about your application and common sense.

5. “Yellow Yellow” - The Dirty Fellow

The yellowing of the clothes gives your presence shabby looks. Especially if your theme of the day is white, it may happen due to environmental factors like cigarette smoke or greasy cooking residue or improper clothing storage. Underarm yellowing on shirts occurs due to a chemical reaction between your antiperspirant and body salts.

A time-tested method to whiten washable clothes is to mix warm water and oxygen-based bleach solution and submerge your white garments and allow them to soak at least overnight. Then wash as usual using the hot water recommended for the fabric, adding 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar during the rinsing process.

6. The Sensible Iron Man

They say that ironing is an " Art" because of too much heat, while ironing can permanently damage some garments unless made from cotton, linen, or wool. All you require is to have good knowledge about proper ironing temperatures to prevent scorch marks in the first place. All Fabrico laundry units have a state of the art Steam Ironing set up that relieves you from unnecessary dirty scorch marks on your beautiful dresses.

Professional Laundry Service - The Ultimate Solution

Laundry is the regular core activity of every household. Your average time to wash and dry a load of clothes is about 90-100 minutes; for each load beside it takes time to collect and sort out clothes, iron, fold, and put away your laundered clothing. The average household undertakes approximately seven loads of Laundry per week, which works out to over 400 laundry loads annually. Do you have the luxury of this kind of time?

It's no wonder that doing the Laundry is the most time-consuming household task after cooking, and what are the best solutions to look forward to? Life presents you with enough challenges every day, and you sort them out on priority. Whether you are a working couple, a happy homemaker, a bachelor boy living away from your home in a PG, your daily Laundry seems to be a daunting task.

We all know that " Worries " never lead to any solution. Fabrico – Your Laundry boy comes to your rescue. You may connect with us through Fabrico App online, and We'll come over to your home or office, take the Laundry, and return it to your door freshly cleaned, ironed and folded. Pick up, and delivery comes free of cost. Alternately you may call us or visit any of our 50 live laundry studio across India.

FABRICO ! is India's leading homegrown Laundry & Dry brand that provides the perfect care for your clothes. We facilitate a quality end to end service that includes all your wash Laundry, Dry Laundry, Steam Ironing, Curtain and Shoe cleaning service, adding brightness to your clothes. As a professional Laundry enterprise, we take your Laundry to the next level. Experience it with us. With Fabrico around, you never have to be bothered with common laundry problems and solutions.
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