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Professional Leather Care
Professional leather cleaning & restoration calls for a high degree of expertise and a coordinated range of care products. We at Fabrico take utmost care in cleaning your Leather.
Specific Material cleaning:
Care of smooth leather shoes:
DIY professional finishing on other garments & fabrics.

Leather is naturally beautiful. It is the only material that inhibits so many properties. Leather has good breathing qualities, is soft to touch, elastic, tough and tear-proof.

Professional leather cleaning & restoration calls for a high degree of expertise and a coordinated range of care products. We at Fabrico take utmost care in cleaning your Leather.

Dry cleaning seems to be the most logical method because it cleans by actually removing the soil and stains from the garment or article instead of the dusting or soaking processes used in the other methods. Some consideration is also given the fact that fur garments generally have some other textile material used in conjunction with them, as linings and thread, which dry cleaning would adequately suffice with.

To maintain the quality of your leather, we at Fabrico follow the following cleaning procedures outlined here.

  • Normal Cleaning: If leather is soiled, it can be wiped with a

soft, damp cloth using a lather of any mild soap with lukewarm water. Do not spot clean leather, clean the entire surface. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

  • Spots and Spills: Wipe excess liquid immediately with a clean

cloth or sponge and let the leather air dry. If further cleaning is necessary, sponge the entire surface with lukewarm water. Let the leather air dry; never use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry leather.

Specific Material cleaning:

  • Stubborn Spots and Stains: Apply a mild, nonabrasive soap

solution with a clean, wet sponge. Rinse well and let air dry.

  • Butter, Oil, or Grease: Wipe the leather with a clean, dry cloth

and let the remainder of the oil dissipate into the leather. Do not apply water or try to wash a grease spot. Do not use saddle soap, cleaning solvents, oils, furniture polishes, varnishes, abrasive cleaners, detergents, or ammonia on leather. They will ruin the finish & texture, causing it to become sticky and cracked. If the stain remains, contact a professional cleaner.

  • Oil-tanned leather are treated repeatedly with gasoline and

benzoyl and then immersed in water. When dried they retain their original softness and pliability.

Care of smooth leather shoes:

You will press the top of the trousers by sliding the trousers over the end of the board, which is the outline of the board. If there are some pleats or pockets, a small pad may be placed behind them to keep them from being creased. If the leg fits perfectly into the press board, the legs can be pressed one-half at a time. Casual trousers and jeans, for example, maybe pressed flat if they don't need a crease.

Again, do not forget to adjust temperature according to your Fabric!

DIY professional finishing on other garments & fabrics.

When it comes to pressing, various fabrics and garments have their own set of rules.

Acrylic and wool blend materials need less strain and time in the press, but make sure to read the garment care label or any specific guidance. Knitted pieces would need less time and pressure in the press. Temperature will be lower and steam may not be used.

Denims (such as jeans) will need to be sprayed with water or dampened before ironing to smooth the fabric. Additionally, pressure is to be applied for a longer time.

When you've finished ironing, make sure the board is fully dry and cool before carrying on. You will choose to replace the foam and cover of your press board over time. This will help to extend the life of your press and ensure that your clothes continue to look fantastic!

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